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SAP Release Manager H/F


The group (SBF 120) has decided to launch an enterprise transformation project on the freight forwarding & logistics activities. This project will have to be rolled out in a hundred of countries for about 12 000 users. The scope of the project will cover the following activities: Airfreight, Seafreight, Road transport, Transit warehouse management, Hub management, Customs and Customer management …
This project is strategic for the group and is an opportunity to define the common processes all over network, embrace new technologies and innovation. The group is building a team of about 70 internal persons to succeed in this strategic project. The time scale of the program is about 5 years.


Key mission: The Release Manager is the SAP Solution manager (Solman) referent for configuration management due to his expertise.
Based in Paris with travels.
Works within Program Core Team.

Main tasks:
• Charm and Service Desk setting
• Creating projects (Charm/ALM inside Solman)
• Monitoring and validation of transport
• Ensuring the coherence of the transport chain through different environments
• Preparing versions, ensuring the consistency of a version between different components
• Ideally knowledge of SAP Solution manager 7.2


Experience required : 10 of professional experience with 5 of those as an SAP Solution Manager.
Key attributes :
• Strictness and precision
• Work cooperatively and effectively with others to set goals
• Make Decisions: Assess situations to determine the importance, urgency and risks, and make clear decisions
• Ability to cope under pressure
• Self-sufficient and self-motivated

Required Skills :
• Proven Experience in SAP Solution Manager
• Project and IS skills
• Experience in solution run and support
• Proven international scale project experience
• English fluent

The Release Manager will reports to the CORE Center of expertise director, no direct supervision of employees.